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Making non-Dalit community in Rolpa forged agricultural tools and pulling young people

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In recent times Agricultural implements other castes and communities to make the forged profession attracts young people are becoming increasingly.  Traditionally only Dalit communities who were previously working making iron's  instrument in Rolpa district . previews'  time in the society,s understanding is  this profession is only Dalits community. Time Custom Dalit community also forged a their old career in the last generation left the profession to attract other businesses and had gone through. So Aaron profession had begun to reach to extinction. But the last time in the Rolpa district has also forged other communities, to adopt  this occupation. To modernize non-Dalit youth by occupation forged entitled to conduct business career started Orne now one nation and that only wrong society is becoming a prerequisite in Rolpali community. From Foundry tools useful for making profession to unemployment has been a major source of income. Traditional forged a career as a Dalit community only cling to and throughout the year, it was the wages of bread. But the non-Dalits belong to the profession and through industry modernization as the profession is now expanded, it has become a cash transaction.

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