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Rolpali Youth engaged themselves to make their school, 3 days 6 lakhs support

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Aimed to quality education  for Siddhartha Mavi, GhopteOdar, Rolpa, Economic cooperation has summoned the three-month target youths have achieved in three days. They have success to collect money help around 6 lakhs. Residing in the village school of their own to make the allegations the local youth individuals interested in local youth through the social network Facebook campaign started 3 days, so many young people are able to collect the money. The former Maoist fighters, a variety of business and work out of the country for young people, young cadres in the families of martyrs and war, leaders and activists of various political parties, including the various levels of cooperation it is. Level education campaign, including cooperation with the aim of making the sample schools in this school year in grade 1 made intensive studies in English medium has started. Level of education and private schools may not attend for the city and away from some shine to attend mainly aimed. Similarly, with the assistance mission are all schools will change the face of every hope has been taken.


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