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The last time livestock insurance program is becoming popular in Rolpa

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               The last time livestock insurance program has been becoming popular in Rolpa. If farmers animal have insurance and animal died, the government provides 75 percent subsidy. So this program is due to increase popularity in the district. Animals die as the great economic damage to farmers to reduce and re-livestock animal to induce the government insurance program was started in Rolpa from last October 2015. Here the National Insurance Company is the responsibility of the livestock insurance. According to the chief of the National Insurance Company Janak Oli last October 2015 was the start work livestock insurance in this district. After the beginning of the program so far in this district 3 9 3 farmers have animal insurance. Most animal insurance are including Libang, Hwama, Jinabang, Kureli, Mirul, Iribang, Ghartigaun Jaimakasala and Gajul, VDC,s farmers. Chief of National Insurance, Rolpa Janak Oli Said that the some farmers have not been able to livestock insurance because of have lack of better information about the animal insurance and some geographical difficulties. In Rolpa, more than 200 livestocks have been insurance. The farmers have not been able to attract livestock insurance side, because lack of publicity about livestock insurance. Last June 2015, we see the statistics there are  57 persons are 67 cows, 26 persons 29 buffalos, 3 persons 3 sheep's, 296 persons 1300 goats, 2 people 8 pigs and 9 persons 16 ox  insurance. The amount of insurance compensation for the death of a variety of animal matter has now been available to farmers. All the dead animal insurance company paid the farmer then they are attract with animal insurance. The number of individuals is also increasing livestock insurance.



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